Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This will be my positive post, since I bitch about everything all the time and struggle on a daily basis not to be bummed about something or another.

So I am hyped about Dansen visiting from Japan and dropping by to see me, possibly even to help with my 24 hour film project. And we definitely will have to do one podcast together, at least one, at the same location, which is just wild. We were talking about it after the podcast and its crazy because dude's never even seen my kids in person, only through photos and the miracle of skype. I've known dansen for 9-10 years now and I think through the podcast, I've come to appreciate him a lot more than I had when we were both in college. He used to be the crazy wacky friend with hordes of friends but now I realize he's just a passionate, canny, curious, intelligent and stubbornly fair (if not slightly warped) person who really has a pretty big ticker. If anything, the podcast really laid us out to each other. Its funny though, I think Pizza Bento is less entertainment than confessional, since we really just talk about ourselves for an hour and just not worry about content or such frivolity. But yeah, totally psyched about him visiting for sure.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I sure love me some Loco Rocco 2. Got it yesterday and its one of those things that just makes you smile. And I relate to the yellow blubbiness of the whole affair too.

We were at Arbys this morning and Alex asked about a bag that was sitting next to me, and I thought he was asking if that was me on the bag. But what he actually inquired was whether the Asian man wearing glasses on the bag was me. I think he was just being silly, but I do wonder if he would mistake someone else for me.

Something I was thinking about recently, is my look. I've tried a lot of different looks throughout my life, and I think its just different degrees of nerdiness I've come up with. I never got past that, and really shouldn't attempt to. A lot of people seem to "discover" that I am a funny guy, or a cool guy after they spend some time with me. They never say, wow, you sure lived up to my expectations based on how cool you look, but rather, you're not as big a nerdbag as we thought you were. But I think I'm okay with my appearance now, being how I'm a dad and husband now. More important things to worry about.

Worked 50 hours this last week, likely the same for this week, but that's ok. A little OT gives me a little bit of Loco Rocco.

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