Friday, June 29, 2007

RE4 fan video

After watching this, how can you blame me for not gushing over the game?

Chain Mail and Bulletins

I don't want to be too specific because I don't mean to offend my friends, but the right friends I know don't do this or read this blog, so it's probably okay.

I was just visiting someplace online and on the bulletin board, he'd posted a few chain mail type things, and this was one of them. Bear with me.


if this doesn't touch're heartless

One night a guy & a girl were
driving home from the movies. The
boy sensed there was
something wrong because of the painful
silence they shared between them
that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over
because she wanted to talk. She told him that her
feelings had changed & that it was time to move on.
A silent tear slid down his cheek as he
slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note.
At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down
that very same street. He swerved
right into the drivers seat, killing the boy.
Miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering the note, she
pulled it out & read it.
"Without your love, I would die."

If u post this on a bulletin in 5 minutes
someone special will message or call you.


repost this with the title "Cutest love note"

Okay. I'll let you take a breath.


That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What kind of precognitive moron keeps a sad sack note like that in his pocket? You really must be screwing up big time in your relationship to keep something depressing like that in your pocket, next to, "I wish you hadn't pulled that lever," and "I told you that was gasoline, not water."

There are similar ones like this, all with some moral behind it, which is inspirational and fairly worthy of a read, but they all end with something like, "If you have no human heart, don't repost this." or "If you do not email this to 10 other friends, you must eat babies and like to fuck the tailpipes of abandoned cars, and death will befall you in the next 5 minutes."

First of all, I'd hate to think that my destiny lies within some friend of mine emailing me my future. Second of all, seriously, if you were a friend of mine, don't email me that. It's like passing me a lit stick of dynamite. Don't make me determine the destiny of other people by forcing me to choose if I wanna die or not. C'mon.

I naturally never repost or reply or forward any of that crap, mostly because I like to have days like June 29.

Sometimes I get a little ballsy and I email people back.

My friend sent me a powerpoint presentation, which, in itself, is fairly retarded. Powerpoint presentations don't belong in personal correspondence, unless you really don't want to maintain your friendships, or if you're a big phallus. Anyway, it was basically another inspirational photo of a supposed river in Burma.

Well, tip it on its side and it's the magical image of a mother and a son, praying.

So, being the skeptical asshole I am, I googled the mofo and came up with this. Basically says it's from a Korean Children's book.

So I sent the link back to him. He hasn't emailed me back a reply.

My Dad, actually, sent me something too. Basically if you were having a heart attack, to make yourself cough violently, who should buy you time to get to a hospital to seek immediate medical attention. Looked it up, disproved it and emailed him back.

And he hasn't emailed me stuff since.

I dunno, I can be difficult sometimes. But seriously, stop doling out chain letters to me and I'll stop complaining about them. But none of you readers do that though. That's why I love you guys.

June 29. WTF kind of Day was that all about?

Seriously, I'm expecting to just wake up any moment now, after finding out that I've been living out June 29 in an alternate universe, whereby a much unluckier shadow of myself found June 29 to be "Bend Over" day.

It makes me almost glad that I don't work quite yet, or that I didn't really have any major plans today. It would've just been terrible. I would've fallen off scaffoldings, got crushed by a semi, or dropped out of the sky if I had any other profession than stay at home Dad. All the forces that could possibly work against me did today, and today was supposed to be such a cool day.

iPhone came out today, and though I wasn't going to be able to afford such a cool thing, it was nonetheless exciting to see other people just freaking out about an Apple product like that. Also, Ratatouille and Sicko came out today, two movies that I really want to watch this summer. The former is probably more likely, since I don't think my kids have any interest in exposes on American Healthcare.

But no, the day started kind of late. For odd reasons, I slept in (the allergy medicine works!) and then went downstairs. The PC was not only down, it had the blue screen of death. I looked it up and I guess there's something wrong with the file system, which means I should log onto my mac, buy a firearm online, then wait for it to arrive so that I can shoot the damn PC. But like a logical person, I tried to troubleshoot it, by looking for solutions. One of the ways to fix it was to reboot from the XP disc, but of course, the PC's CD drive was long dead. Either the kids have killed it or, well, it's a PC. I plugged in an external drive, but it just wouldn't take it. So I just moved my Mac mini to my Mom's desk. Death to the PC. She can just use my computer. Time for her to stop using the square wheel.

Anyway, my wife wanted the kids to get a haircut, so we walked to the Hair Masters close by our place. I filled in the sign in as one person, my wife, and then checked off "1" in the adult cut box, and "2" in the kid cut box. There was no one else there, so I didn't reckon that it was going to be an issue. Another guy stopped in about 5 minutes later, and signed in as well. When one of the two stylists was done, my wife clarified that we did have two kids as well, so she had her sign them in after the guy. So, it was:

My wife.
The guy.

And the stylist called the guy back. At this point, I was a little irritated because:

a) My wife obviously does not want 2 Child's cut and 1 Adult Cut. Anyone can see that she only has one head.

b) Error withstanding, my wife's name was still ahead of the guy.

So I'm huffing, irritating, fumes emitting from my ears and all that. I'm basically ignoring what the kids are doing at this point, because it was one of those stores that failed to have any toys, or even kids books laying around. But it's okay. It'll be okay.

The guy who wasn't really ahead of us is done, right. Then the stylist - no joke - says to the other stylist that SHE IS GOING ON LUNCH. I'm severely irritated now, because we got one stylist who is working on my wife, and two kids whose good behavior is slowly morphing into running around, taking stuff off the shelves, and Zoe locking the front door (which I wasn't aware of till someone tried to come in).

Some point later, a blond lady comes in and the "on lunch" stylist said there were two kids ahead of her, and then it was going to be about a half hour. Anyway, to shorten the story, the stylist stuck my wife under a hair dryer even though my wife said not to, she gave Alex a funny looking crew cut, and only Zoe's turned out well. She did give us a haircut free, but as I was leaving, I noticed that the blond woman who was behind us was still waiting in her chair, while two newer customers were getting their cuts.

Maybe they don't understand the concept of lists.

We walked over to QFC and Panda Palace to get some food, and this lady somehow got my order FUBARed. I wanted a two item entree, and she was explaining that it was a 3 item entree, and even when she opened up the box, there was only two... I just paid for it. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Oh no, not done yet.

I had put up Alex's car seat on sale in Craigslist, and one person had passed, but someone showed interest. So she came around at 7:30, and then she offered 25 bucks instead of the 30 I requested, right before "price is firm." Wilbur, our cat then ran out the front door, and then she said she was going to pass. She didn't know we had cats, and she didn't want car hair on the car seat. I explained 3 things to her, but she decided to pass. The three things:

1. The seat cover is washable. I totally expect anyone to wash it before they use it anyway, thus getting rid of any errant hairs.

2. It's a freakin' car seat. It was in the car. Cats don't ride cars, drive, or substitute for my children if they don't feel like going to the store.

3. It was in the garage after we stopped using it. Not a cat scratching post, not a cat bed, we don't strap the cats in the seat belt because it's cute.

So anyway, my interaction with the world is just horrible today. Let's hope it won't leak over till tomorrow because I've got a wedding to do. Stupid freak day.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good News, Bad News, News that Would be Good if I was an Apple Employee

I'll deal with the third bit to get it out of the way - but Steve Jobs announced that all full-time and part timers who've been with the company for over a year will get a free iPhone in July, once the initial sales have settled. I'm insanely jealous of that, even though I'm not sure if I could afford the 60 bucks a month for contract service. Seems like you could use it as a GoPhone, but I couldn't imagine the rates being very good as a multimedia type phone. Who knows. But damn, it's a great day to be an employee. Somewhere on the news it says that Apple has upward of 18,000 full timers. What was the last great thing your company did for you?

Freddy's just eliminated the double discount in favor for the much more selective employee discount, so that sucks. Besides, I've always thought that employee discounts were cannibalistic in nature. They give you the impression that it's a company perk, but the discount isn't deep enough to say, "I value you as an employee."


The good news is that I finally got a job, a shipping/receiving position at a medical supplies company in town. It pays okay, and there's a tremendous need for overtime at the moment, which means a bit more money.

The not-as-great news (but still not terrible) is that it is still a contract position, so I could be looking again in 9 months. The contract could be extended, or they could decide to keep me on, but that's as certain as an actual nice, summer day in Washington. Also, the job is 5AM to 4PM. So overtime would be on a Friday, which is good. 5 AM would hurt. I'm infamously bad with mornings, but I guess at least it's always going to be 5am, instead of bouncing back and forth as I did with my previous jobs.

The other good news isn't really news, just interesting info. We're going through the house to clear out some junk, and I put together Zoe's old crib yesterday and chucked it on Craigslist for 50 bucks, and by the end of the end, it was sold and out of the house. Some of the other stuff didn't get any replies yet, but at least it's free.

Yeah, yesterday I got the news about the job, then made 75 bucks from selling stuff (the other from ebay.), so I felt kinda productive.

But anyway, time for some RE4. I'm already past the middle of the game, but I guess it gets tougher from here on out.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vicodin, Percocet, and Housework

Yeah, blogging on Vicodin.

I haven't had a good toothache in a while, and perhaps that's why I've been a little careless with my sugar intake. Anyway, I was chewing on this European chocolate bar that has this bittersweet taste to it, and didn't mind it at all. But afterwards, I had an aching on my two front teeth, which then spread to the bottom ones and then during a Wii game, it got so bad that my head was pounding. The headache is usually the worst part of a toothache, and I just had to take a Vicodin because the Percocet I had taken just wasn't doing it.

Well, dishes got done in a quick hurry, and then the garbage got taken out lickety split. And now when the words do form in my head, they're coming out through my fingertips lighting fast. I just know I'm going to sleep well tonight.


Had another job interview today, as a shipper/receiver. The staffing company liked me okay, now it's up to the actual company to okay me to start. It's related to my last job in a way, so it should be a cinch. It's not anything exciting, but at this point I just want to be employed.

I went for an "interview" yesterday at the movie theater, and after finding out it was only part time and the pay was 7-8 bucks an hour, it was pretty much out of mind. They didn't really interview, it was just a list of questions and this one: What is your favorite movie and why?

Flicka. Because horses are the greatest.

Actually, I said that it was a rather broad question because any true movie-loving nerdball like me would simply reply, "Which genre of what year?" But I just chose "Fight Club" because it was one that popped into my head. I was given a reference form but I just tossed it out. I can't live on 7-8 bucks an hour.


We went to the Seattle Japanese Garden today and it was kinda nice. It wasn't as grand as I thought it might be, but it was still really nice. The kids got to see some things they've never seen before, so they were pretty happy about it. I'll get some photos up soon.


God, my heart's just racing.


By the way, I'm pretty upset about the recent slate of news of men killing their families. The professional wrestler, the pregnant wife, and the guy who blamed his wife for the shooting... It's odd to say this, but whatever happened to just running away or divorce? I think it's just terrible when kids have to pay the price of adult mistakes.


I was watching something on the history channel and the factoid that Budapest had a drunk driving BAL limit of 0.0 struck me as awesome. I think if I ever had the money to do it, I would run for Governor or Mayor on the very radical platform of drunk driving will warrant serious jail time, serious offending would be caning, and guns are just illegal. I will not get elected, but I think that's the issue right there. Politicians are so afraid of not getting any votes if they were that radical that they play it safe, and nothing ever gets accomplished. It would take a radical candidate to bring those ideas to the forefront, that someone is willing to put that subject on the table, and is willing to risk the popular vote to do it.

We just read so much bad news about these terrible things like gun deaths, drunk driving deaths, and it seems that nobody wants to really do anything about it. They'd rather just talk about it over and over until nobody wants to talk about it anymore.

All we need are some candidates who truly take a solid stance, and then the idea would become less more commonplace and acceptable. Think of it. No tolerance for drunk driving. It's really not that tough of a stance.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

That's my ebay listings for today. I'm liquidating a bunch of crap that's been laying around, either untouched or unwanted junk I've managed to accumulate through time that I don't want to just toss out. There's probably tons more, and I'll sell more stuff through Craigslist when I got done with my videography business, but it's a start. The older I get, the less crap I'd like to gather.


Have a job interview tomorrow at a cinema, have absolutely no idea if they need a popcorn sweeper, a toilet cleaner, or a shift manager. Absolutely no idea what the pay would be. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if it's worth the time. Scary thing is that if no one replies to my resumes, I might have to take the job.


Kids are sick. Not terribly sick, but they're coughing and they're sniffling. Blame it on the stupid weather I suppose, but my allergies have been going haywire as well. They have slight temperatures and intially, Alex tossed some cookies as well. I told my wife that my allergies were so bad that I didn't even smell the mess I was cleaning up. Whoopee!


Having a rather blah Sunday - it's Summer but you couldn't tell from looking outside - seems like October with the blustery winds and the chilly temps. We're just staying indoors because of the weather and they're sick.


Resident Evil 4 is cool.