Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lulu Would be a Good Pink Poodle Name

But no, I didn't get a new pet. If I were to get any kind of pet today, it would most likely be a pet rock. They're low maintenance, easy to look at, and probably listen better than some little boys.

Anyway, I finally got around to finishing the reformatting of the American Babies blog, whereby I cut and paste all the entries from the webpage onto a Word document, and then manually reformat it so that it looks normal on a Word Document. Anyway, I uploaded the thing to, so I will be getting two hardcovers in a couple weeks. It's 23 bucks for a copy, and I don't make any royalties off it. It's also available for download as a PDF if you were so inclined.

So now the last few years of my life can be in handy book form, internet free!

Today's kinda a lazy day, the weather's a little cold and uninviting, and since my wife has to work today, we canceled the plan to go watch the Chinese New Year shindig at the local Uwajimaya, since it started way too closely to my wife's work start time. So I've been doing my taxes today (and finished them) and then working on this book deal. It would be nice to have it in a hardcover so that we could just read about stuff without having to go online. I don't know why, just would be.

So as implied earlier, our little boy is going through a behavioral phase right now, one which his ears simply fail to function correctly. A good example would be the art kit we had on the table. He asked my wife if he could play with it, and she replied, "Later." Then he turned to me and asked me the same exact question, and I said, "Mommy said later." Then he turned to my Mom and asked, and got a time out. For a little boy, he's got a lot of sass and attitude, flat out refusing to listen and being persistent and stubborn. So I don't reckon it's fun for him either, having to live on the stairs in a semi-permanent state of time-out.

Skimming through the blog and I actually find myself missing the writing process, being creative and smartass-like is one of my underdeveloped superpowers. But nowadays, I just don't really have the energy and time to devote to that, which is a shame really. My jokes don't fly at my workplace, because I'd just have to explain it too much for it to work. Luckily, one of my co-workers has a relatively good grasp of the language, so quite a bit of my jokes work. They're not quality grade, but it gets laughs.

"Anna came by me and touched me," said Jaime.

"Where and how often?", I replied.

Yeah, sex jokes are it.

I reckon as some time passes, I'll find some more free time to do more creative things, but it seems to be the trend for most of my fellow bloggers. Most of them have either stopped altogether, or have reduced it to occasional obligatory postings or one line postings.

Holy cow, that side project of mine of uploading every photo I have to Flickr just got scarier. So far I've got about 2000 photos uploaded, but glancing at my entire library, looks like I've got about 24,000 to go through. To make things trickier, I try not to upload while I'm at work because my wife and Mom do use the internet, and the slowdown is noticeable. I also try not to do it at night because of my Mom's KylinTV, which is a IPTV device that uses broadband to retrieve Chinese programming from the internet. So I'm just stuck uploading about 50 at a time. And yeah, I'm doing it rather indiscriminately. Any and all photos gets transferred.

Been into Anime lately, trying to catch a little bit more than I usually do. I don't always partake in what traditionally is thought of when someone mentions "Anime", which is like sci-fi robot fare, Dragonball type shennigans, or the like. I recently watched "Paprika" which has a sci-fi backdrop, but mostly has great fantasy type visuals and a theme of duality. "TEKKONKINKREET" was animated by the people who did the animated sequence in Kill Bill which I didn't care for, but I liked it fine in the movie. I've got "Metropolis" and "Tokyo Godfathers" coming up, so I'm hyped for that. Just finished "The Kingdom", which I imagine leaves people a little uneasy even though it's a ficitional thriller. Civilian bombings and beheadings are a little too iffy for entertainment value right now.

Well, that's it for me. Nature calls, and as always, they're calling collect.

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I'm one of those semi-dead bloggers I guess. I need to wake my soul up, huh? Today I looked at some sweet MACs. I think I might just go over to the MAC side of the universe, so slick so smooth. Niiice. Hmm that didnt quite connect. I think the thought process was, if I had a mac I would update like everyday! haha

WOW!! 472 page book from your blog, sweet! Although NOTICE!! ironically you use your "pen name" on the book cover but your "real life" name is on the user account!! WOOPSERS!! If you are not shy to use it anymore, no worries, but in that case why is the book cover with your pen namer? a bit confused. I was also thinking about making a lulu, but when I put it all together I had photos and stuff so it was gonna cost like over 50 bucks or something. Hmm. You'll have to youtube review your lulu book so i can see what quality they like. Re: Anime.. .. I can get it fresh here, I'm not sure whats good and if they region looked no can do, but if something u wants let me knowsers, yeah? anyways, peace!!