Monday, March 2, 2015

Kidney Stone

Well usually there's not a lot going on in terms of life changes, but since this is the first time I've had an adult type ailment, thought I might as well document it for the sake of being thorough. Something like that. It kind of started off as a weird one off thing - it was Thursday night and after dinner, I just started feeling a little off, my stomach was starting to hurt. After I put the kids to bed, the pain became much more crippling and I was just laying in bed trying to be comfortable and to ward off pain. The guess at the time was that all the corn that I had eaten in the prior two days - five ears of delicious corn - had failed to digest properly and was now clogging up my intestinal tract in some manner. Because of my son and stepdaughter having a similar type situation, that's just what I chalked it up as. It was painful, and took a few hours to subside, but it was enough to make me cautious and work from home the next day. The next day was pretty uneventful, other than the fact that I work terribly from home because of my lack of self discipline. But nonetheless, no pain episodes, it was all good. On Saturday we were going to pick up Mom and make it to the Ramen restaurant by Crossroads, and so that was in place. We headed out there and I was a little tired to begin with, for whatever reason I didn't sleep very well and was still quite tired with a headache. In retrospect, this headache should have been a very big clue of being dehydrated. But we as we looked into the restaurant, it was still quite packed so we went to Barnes and Noble just to kill a little bit of time. While in there, the abdominal pain got to affecting my walk, so I tried sitting on a bench but it wasn't real comfortable. After a while, I just sat on a comfy chair and the pain escalated to a level of strong discomfort. I told the family to go ahead and eat without me, since we were already there anyway and I didn't want the others not to eat on the account of my pain, so I just sat at Barnes and Noble, trying to look normal as I was wincing and taking short breaths. The pain in the abs were one thing, the back muscles spasming was really painful. When Elaine came to check on me, I suggested just sitting in the car so I can have my suffering at least in privacy. So we made it outside and she was going to drive the car closer to me, and I couldn't really cover much distance in the state I was in anyway. After an initial attempt to locate the car, she did finally find the car, I got in there, and she finished lunch with the family and it was off to Urgentcare. There they proceeded to not give me anything for the pain, make me wait far longer than it was really necessary, and come away with a diagnosis of having a kidneystone about 6mm that I was going to have to pass. "It's comparable to the pain experienced during childbirth", she said, as I kept shifting in the uncomfortable patient chair. When we got back to Mom's, I thought that maybe if I just tried to nap it off, the pain would subside but no such luck. Her place was cold and it was causing the pain to be amplified. When I went to the bathroom to attempt to have a BM, ended up throwing up - which actually made me feel better. I just wanted to be home at that point so poor Elaine had to drive home in the dark. The next day, I was fine. Nothing major happened, but I did send the boss a note about what happened. Just in case last night happened. At around 3:20 am, I woke up in pain and begun a long night involving severe abdominal and back pain, labored breathing and sweating, and lots of throwing up. Like an obscene amount. I tried to keep my pain from Elaine since she had to work, so I went into the office to attempt to be comfortable. As she tried to lay down with me in the office, I moved back to the bed and it was just hours of shifting around, moving to the couch, back to the bed, to the toilet to throw up, and I didn't feel anywhere close to human until 1 something in the afternoon after I had gotten some decent sleep. And after that, I still have some pain but it was more manageable. It wasn't crippling me. So now I sit up in bed, extremely worried about what lies ahead for me. I've eaten very little today, drank a lot, and took a vicodin before bed. The pain is so palatable that I'm actually afraid to go to bed. We'll see what happens I guess.

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